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Care of products

Please note that every product for sale here at Clasheen is lovingly wet felted by hand!


All scarves, wraps and other clothing may be hand washed in luke warm water using olive oil soap or a similar natural product suitable for woolens.

Do not leave your felt soaking in water or agitate it too tightly.

Treat it as you would any other delicate fabric and only wash it when necessary, not after every use.

Gently squeeze the water from your item or put in the washing machine on the DRAIN cycle.

Make sure not to use the rinse and drain setting or your tumble dryer as doing so may shrink your item further and cause it to toughen up and loose its soft feeling.

Lay flat or shape to dry.


Each rug or wall hanging is a unique one off piece of art.

Depending on the felting method used when creating the rug or wall hanging, machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning may be recommended.

All rugs and wall hangings may be hoovered when necessary unless stated otherwise when purchasing.